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Friday, 2 November 2012

Tie it with a bow ...

I know quite a few peeps who have died this year, and others who lives have been touched by life-threatening illnesses.

This year, I have learnt (in a different way) that life is special, tomorrow is definitely not guaranteed and finding the right person to love & to be loved by is a precious gift.

Love is scary and frightening - love offers the high-risk options of either great rewards or devastating pain (or sometimes both). Giving your heart to another person and letting them into you can be a huge risk. Letting down your guard & allowing yourself to become vulnerable is not easy (especially when you've done so in the past and got hurt).

So when you meet someone new who makes you smile, it can become so easy to block it, push it away, ignore stuff if possible, choose not to take the risk of getting hurt by going down that road again. However, if you give things a go, and the 'relationship' lasts for 3 months or for 30yrs, every single day of those 3 months or the 30 years can be a delightful gift.

I want to choose to live my life to the fullest - to look back and say - I have no regrets. Whatever the outcome of the choices I take might be, I would rather take a risk & live life in glorious technicolour, than play safe & dwell in the land of the lukewarm & beige.

So leap off that emotional cliff - take your love & your heart, lay them in a box, wrap it up beautifully, tie it with a pretty bow, and send it to your boo or 'potential' boo.

Give things a chance to live or die. Take that risk.


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