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Monday, 5 November 2012

The peeps in my life...

Hmmmm. Now while I am very passionate about current affairs, politics, writing and a few other things, I am mostly laid back in manner. Criticise me, my writing, my Christianity etc and it often rolls off me like water off a Duck's back. I might moan to a friend for a couple of minutes, but unless you are a total plonker who is an absolute repeat offender, I simply think you are having a bad day or off your game & so I simply shrug.

HOWEVER unjustly criticise my son, siblings, parents, best friend, the guy in my life, and any of the peeps really important to me, or GOD & JESUS CHRIST and you'll actually notice my eyes narrow and the colour of em change! Yup, dem eyes go bright red! I am fiercely loyal and committed to those I love. I will stand up for them, and stick up for them, wherever I am and no matter who you are.

I rarely ever get upset or feel the need to speak my mind, but when I do, I do not 'do' Naija 'oju-aiye' (African 'politeness'). I will never call anyone names or behave inappropriately. Nor will I ever be rude, crude or cruel.

But you will get a mega-polite ticking-off coming at you from both barrels...



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