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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Life is for living... live it to the fullest.

Again, I am forced to reflect on something that has been a theme close to my heart all year; life is short.

Life is to be lived. No-one knows what tomorrow will bring. No-one knows if they'll actually have tomorrow. We all only ever get one stab at life.

I am posting this because my best friend's just called me to say some-one we both know has died. I didn't know the lady very well, she was just another sister in the fellowship I attended after Uni. I know her older sister a lot better. I dimly recollect that my very last 'proper' memory of her is running into her at her sister's office. My best friend and I went to see her sis, and she just happened to be there. Year's later, I ran into her on FB but we never became 'friends' on there - just one of those things - sometime one chats  from time to time with peeps one knows vaguely, but neither party get round to sending a friend request to the other.

My heart and thoughts are with Sista Ada's family and friends. She was taken too early and that sucks. It hurts. Death sucks. It sucks big-time. My consolation, my hope, my strength, is in my deep-rooted total belief and trust, that for those who believe, death is not the end. It is a transition to an eternity with GOD. The Lord JESUS died so that we might have a full life in this existence and also an awesome life in eternity.

So grab your today with both hands and live it to the fullest. Do the things that really matter to you. Connect with friends and family. Hang-out with your loved ones. Follow your dreams and passions.

Reach out to GOD. Fall in love with Him and have a real relationship with Him. Do NOT just follow the tenets of a 'religion'. Religion, that Pharaseetical thing, which man embraces, and then layers with endless rules and regulations, kills. It breeds self-righteousness and a false belief that our morality and obeying endless rules and regulations will make us pleasing to GOD. JESUS spent His time on earth lambasting 'religion' - the embrace of rules and regulations which mankind does to feel good, without having any desire or love for GOD or for any relationship with Him. JESUS did not die on the Cross so that mankind could get bogged down with the endless bureaucratic red-tape of religion. He died to reconcile us to GOD. GOD is real. Reach out for Him. Find JESUS. He loves you to bits and pieces. He is busy knocking at the door of your heart no matter what you might believe in or how you are choosing to live life right at this moment in time. Do not let anyone, whether an external voice, or an internal voice, ever tell you that you are too bad for GOD to love. We do not ever have to change ourselves so He can love us. GOD loves you passionately, deeply, totally, just as you are. It is in embracing and accepting His love, and entering into a relationship with Him, that we find ourselves changing almost effortlessly.

Sort through your life and live a full life, one that is lived with joy, love and laughter - not a life that is endured through gritted teeth. Sometimes, getting the life we want might mean making difficult choices, painful choices, scary choices; but you'll never know how those choices might pan out until you go for them.

Embrace life. Embrace living. We all get only one life to live. It truly is an awesome, scary, thrilling, sometimes knuckle-whitening adventure. But when we choose to live our lives with joy, faith, hope, laughter, passion and love, it is a testament that we respect and value the greatest gift we've been given.


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