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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The VICTIM deserved it!! - Nigeria's Abia State gang rape's continuing saga.

OKAY – I am now officially incensed even further by the Abia gang rape! Puffs of furious smoke are spiralling out of my ears. Please keep away! Mad blogger on the war-path here!

So, what has brought this about?

Comments from a small minority of otherwise intelligent decent Nigerians BLAMING the victim of the rape! YES, YES, YES, according to them, the VICTIM deserved to be raped, brutalised, torn apart for HOURS, by FIVE, yes FIVE GROWN MEN! IT WAS ALL HER FAULT!

So what was this young lady’s supposed crime that debased and dehumanised her so greatly, that she became a worthy object of being treated less than an animal? Ah well, according to them, it must have been  the way that she dressed that led to her rape! OMG!!!!  Rape by dress sense??????!!!!!!!!

Ummm, I believe there are still a few villages in Africa and even in Nigeria where native dress means women go topless and wear just a wrapper around the waist? Hmmm, wonder why we don’t hear of mass rapes happening in those places?

Ok, ok, ok. Let’s be logical here and examine this argument carefully.  According to its advocates and proponents, if a woman dresses ‘seductively’, she brings rape down upon herself! Her poor hapless male rapist has no choice but to pounce upon her, tear off those offending clothes and brutalise her.  Now seductive is in the eye of the beholder, but if a woman wears a mini skirt, leggings, tight jeans, a figure hugging top, or a tight dress, then she is obvious fodder for rape. GOD help her if she is also pretty, fair-skinned and has a good figure! (Then she ALSO has a ‘mammy-water’ spirit and needs deliverance!)  From this, it is clear the real VICTIM is not the raped but the rapist! He is FORCED to do it! WOW!

I’ll offer a counter argument following this same logic: Nigerians who are attacked by armed robbers DESERVE to be attacked! After all, in a country with great poverty, how DARE the victims FLAUNT their ASSETS by driving flashy expensive cars and living in big houses? C’mon, it is OBVIOUS that victims of armed robbery are clearly ASKING for it! These wealthy aristo’s entice and tantalise the poor thieves who have no choice but to ROB them. As for the ones who come from ‘Abroad’, flaunting their $$$$ and £££££, it is the armed robber’s RIGHT to brutalise them! 

I DARE you to make the above argument to any Nigerian who has experienced the traumatic horror of an armed robbery. See if you’ll remain standing after ‘they DEAL with you!’

If we follow this thesis further, there should be NO rapes in Saudi Arabia or Egypt, both conservative Muslim countries where women dress modestly or ELSE! In Saudi, all women are forced to wear an Abaya, the long flowing gown which covers them from head to toe. Despite this, rapes still happen. Now it is true most of the reported rapes are of domestic staff but ordinary Saudi women get raped too. One very famous case involved a girl of 17 abducted and raped by SIX men! The Saudi Court’s judgement?  The VICTIM be jailed for 6 months and whipped with 200 lashes. What was her crime? Wasn’t she raped?  The court agreed she was raped by SIX men, but when the six men abducted her from a taxi, the young man she was with was not a family relation (which is a crime in Saudi). By the way, the young man was also raped by these SIX thugs. I wonder what my Naija peeps will argue HE did to deserve getting raped?? HMMMM!

What of Egypt? Sexual harassment is so bad in Egypt that Egyptian women try not to walk alone despite being dressed modestly and covered with a head scarf. Their modest dress does not prevent them from being groped and sexually and verbally harassed as they walk down Egyptian streets.

Seems like the power of conservative dress does not always protect against rape. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not advocating women should be half-naked – just pointing out that in societies where women dress modestly, rapes still happen.  There is therefore NO excuse before GOD for raping another human being.

Oh, btw, the victim in the Abia gang-rape was not dressed seductively. Her crime apparently is that she had OFFENDED one of the rapists. Hmmm, let’s think - what could her awful offence have been? Did he ask her out and she said no?  Did she look at him the wrong way? Or maybe she didn’t share her lecture notes? All we know is in his twisted mind, it was SO bad, the way to get even was to round up 4 of his friends so they could have a gang-rape 'party'! TEACH  her a good lesson! Don’t mess with the boyz!  

Can you hear how silly, stupid and totally senseless ANY reason justifying rape sounds?

All I know is this young girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s niece, someone’s granddaughter, someone’s friend, someone’s future wife – so please before jumping on the she-must-have-deserved-it band-wagon, stop and think – what if she were my own ‘blood’? Ask yourself honestly - would ANYTHING that your (daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, friend, future wife) EVER does, cause her to DESERVE to be raped?

If your answer is yes, then you are a TOTAL MORON!



Joy said...

Thank you for eloquently putting my thoughts about women "deserving" to be raped into writing.

Noir said...

Hi Joy, thank you soooooo much for reading my blog and your words of ecouragement!

Big thanks for leaving a comment on here! Most of my readers send me a private message on FB which is okay but then feels disconnected from the blog. :-)

Ronke said...

Very well put. We live in a sick society (i.e. every part of planet earth), where right is considered wrong and the wrong is deemed right. It's about time the views you expressed here be broadcast far and wide. A necessary wake-up call for sleepy brains!

Noir said...

Hi Ronke, thank you very much. You've put it really eloquently "we live in a sick society"! & I am still chuckling over '"wake-up call for sleepy brains!" LOL

Love your input. Please do drop by and continue to comment. :-)

Victor Olu Adewoye said...

You know Sis I lived in that country for a little over two and a half decades and I still don't get the way a good number of them reason. Simple truth to be said - they do not live on the same planet as the rest of us. Why do you think the unacceptable is so commonplace in Nigeria. I cease to be genuinely be suprised by waht they think obtains any longer. the young lady didn't deserve it as no woman whatsover should - but Bucky it doesn't change the fact that the powers-that-be ain't gonna do a damn thing about it now or in future. Savages in power thats what i think of a good majority of them.

Noir said...

Hey m'dear, thanks loads for your intellgent articulate analysis.

I guess I disagree slightly. I love Nigeria & love Nigerians.

Crap happena there, but crap happens (in different ways) everywhere in the world. Most Nigerians have been shocked by and condemn the rape.

The idea the victim deserved to be raped is also quite prevalent in the West - it is usually kept quiet but it's a major reasons most rapists walk free from cases in the West. The defence lawyer rips apart the victim's seductive appearance, denigrates her sexual history, and by the time the lawyer's finished, unless the girl is a conservatively dressed virgin, most juries let the rapist go free.

The Naija government is also not necessarily the same as the people. There are many decent hard-working Nigerians who are trying to make a difference. Change in Egypt and Tunisia did not come about because folks were looking for their government to change things but because they decided enough was enough.

UK history shows the UK's the same. Women got the vote because they FOUGHT for it, equality among social classes was won by working class men and women, campaigning, protesting etc.

I am a dual national who lives in the land of my birth (England) and thinks this is a great country but who also loves the land of my ancestors (Nigeria) and dreams big dreams for her.

My Blog 'Eko city of my dreams' tries to capture a little of that. xx