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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I have been feeling very sorry for myself today. I am in the middle of renovating my house, so I have no kitchen, no way of cooking and only one usable bathroom in the house. The dust & mess has gotten to even to me - and that takes a lot as I am not the tidiest person in the world (massive understatement! LOL). 

While flicking through Facebook, I came across a video link on a friend’s page and was so struck by the chap in the clip, Emmanuel Kelly, a contest on Australia's X-factor, that I googled him.

Very briefly – Emmanuel was damaged by chemical warfare in Iraq 17 years ago. He and his brother who’s also crippled, were found in a cardboard shoebox in the park, rescued by nuns and from that Orphanage were adopted by an Australian woman. He is grateful for his life and loves to sing. In 2010 Emmanuel was turned down by both Australia’s Got Talent and Australian X-Factor. Instead of shrivelling away and wallowing in self-pity, he auditioned for X-factor AGAIN in 2011.

I am grateful GOD shook me out of the destructive tangled jungle of my self-pitying bout and reminded me of love, hope, beauty and faith. A woman’s love for two crippled orphan boys, a new family that nurtured them, the plucky optimistic spirit in the heart of the grown up boys, the beauty of Emmanuel’s God-given talent, the tenacious faith in his ability that has stopped him from giving up.

After his performance on X-Factor, the judges and audience gave him a standing ovation. I am sure there were not many dry eyes in the audience. Mine were totally wet.

Fly Emmanuel. Soar High. You are not letting your physical disability define who you are – May your Creator, the Almighty GOD continue to bless you.

But above all, above doing well, above a great education, a successful career, the love of the right partner, I pray you come to know JESUS CHRIST the Messiah.

Instead of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (which Emmanuel sang), as I watched this great kid sing, I imagined how wonderful Heaven will be. Imagine Emmanuel, his brother, and every other crippled, maimed, sick, disfigured, orphaned or abandoned child who has suffered the taunts of others, whimpered through unimaginable physical pain, sobbed openly, but more often cried secret pain-filled tears, longed for loving parents  – imagine them running strong and free in a light-filled place. Imagine never getting tired, not defined by pain, not shackled by infirmity, no longer a prisoner in a body that refuses to do what you tell it. Imagine playing hide and seek with JESUS. Imagine a football tournament with Angels? Imagine throwing hoops and flying effortlessly through the air to get that sweet shot right in the basket?

How wonderful Heaven will be. No pain, no suffering, withered limbs made straight, every tear wiped away, every sickness healed, all emotional suffering forgotten, all physical pain gone.

The bible does not describe Heaven as a boring place where mega boring straight-laced humourless angels play lousy boring music and everyone falls asleep (including GOD) from the sheer terrorizing boredom of it all. Heaven is described as a vital exciting Kingdom, where the child plays with the Lion, flowers bloom without dying, mosquitoes play violins instead of being vicious blood-suckers (ok, that's my take), folks with a burning thirst for knowledge ply GOD, the Father of all wisdom with questions; where there is no hunger, no thirst, no war. A place where Man finally comes into the very fullness for which he was created – an unshakable total relationship with GOD. We will finally experience the total fullness of the ONLY love that can forever satisfy the hunger and unfulfilled space deep in the heart of every created person.

JESUS is the reality of the love of GOD towards man.

Here’s Emmanuel’s performance. Hope y’all like it.


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