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Thursday, 22 September 2011

I ate a MUFFIN - Day 5 & 6 of 30 day challenge - Weight loss cont.

Day 5.

Tough day. 

Messed up something. I was in the wrong and I really loathe doing the wrong thing. Arsenal lost 4-3 to Blackburn -*ouch*!!  I gained 2lb *double ouch*. I also ate the other half of the choc chip muffin in the fridge to feel better. Totally crazy because I don't even particularly like muffins. Ok, it is official - I am a comfort eater!!

Did I run? Huh? I wanted to back out so much I could taste it - my mood was totally low. But I did it. Was it easy? Heck no! The only good part of today's run was finishing! I don't run to music these days - I think, pray, live in my head.

So 5 days into this, do I see any benefits? Well, I have completed 5 days of this torture! Total mental benefit there. Isn't that good enough?? LOL.

The physical benefits: Calf muscles becoming more defined. Inner thighs looking better. Cellulite definitely improved. But hit by the dreaded lactic acid build-up though – legs were dying the last km.

Day 6.

Hardest ‘horriblest’ day! Please don’t correct my 'colourful wrong’ grammar. It totally describes my mood. *giggle*

Went to North London & then to Brunel to see my awesome niece settled into uni. Smart kid. Very proud of her. Got back to sista's & ate TONS of rice! Even went back for 2nd helping! Ok, so both portions combined probably added up to just a full plate. No excuse - I am a disgrace! LOL

Came home & my whole body was saying – “It's 10:45pm on Sunday night - c'mon, let's skip this run. You don’t have to be a slave to exercise. Is it so bad if you miss a day?”

My body was speaking total sense - and I nodded in agreement.

But at 11.20pm, I found myself pulling on the running gear & stepping out. Anyone tell you there is no GOD, just shoot em! Only HE could have dragged my lazy b*tt out of the house tonight.  

I tell you, it hurt from the 1st stride! Every stride was painful - even my chest began hurting again. I could feel every grain of rice I had gleefully consumed earlier! I was tempted to change route - cut it in half but somehow did not. This wasn’t a run – it was a run/walk/crawl/drag self to the finish line. 

Never was a gal so glad to see her front door! 


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