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Monday, 19 September 2011

Eating badly. Days 3 & 4 of 30 day challenge. Weight loss cont

Day 3

I sooooo did not want to run today.

Went to Starbucks and stuffed my face - however I did get lots of writing done soooooo now I can be a fat happy writer!! Yahhhyyyy!!!!! *sarcasm*.

I beat the inner voice that wanted to take another short route and went the a slightly longer route than day 1. 3km - 3.5km. Still wondering how I got through it!!!! At least I no longer feel like a heart attack is imminent! LOL.

At one point, I was wondering why the ‘actual’ running felt easier and then it clicked – I am no longer dragging an extra 65lbs (29kg) along with me. My goodness, I have dropped over a full suitcase in weight. I am trying to imagine running dragging a full suitcase along! *shudder*

This visual pic helps me imagine the weight I still want to lose. 24lbs (11kg). I have dragged hand-luggage of 11 -12kg behind me and I know how much of a drag it is and the relief I feel getting unto the plane and dumping that bag in the overhead compartment. Can I blame my body for wanting to dump the ‘hand luggage’ it really doesn’t want?

Day 4

2 bagels, 2 poached eggs, a slice of ham and a tomato for brunch - cup of milky coffee. Bad Bucky!!! Only good thing is it has left me too stuffed to eat anything else today!

Went appliance window shopping with the guys. Confession time – I enjoy hanging with my son/and my siblings. Ah well. We've decided on the colours for the kitchen. Glossy red units, stainless steel worktops. Shiny black American fridge-freezer. And as for folks who don't like my colour combo? Ah well - that's why it is MY kitchen, innit!!! LOL

Stopped by DFS to look at sofas. The open-plan kitchen will be something like what Yanks call a ‘great room’ or what we Brits call the 'kitchen as the heart of the home'. Kitchen, dining table and sofa area with tv. What this means in reality is my son will take over this reception area when he’s home from Uni with his games. Ah well, that way the living room upstairs gets to be the grown-up space! Everyone is happy. LOL

Got home after glorious day of window-shopping with NO money spent & my mind had conveniently totally forgotten running was on the cards. Oh GOD. Why did I agree when YOU suggested this challenge?

Ok, is the running getting any easier? Yes and no. I can breathe afterwards which is a bonus! My legs are shaky which isn't great. Still run, stop, walk, run, walk. But walking less and running more. Did the 3 - 3.5km route again. 

And a lil voice says - "Can we try for 4km tomorrow??" ARE YOU MAD??? Ok, ok, I'll aim for that  later. Let me first try to build up running without walking first.


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