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Monday, 7 February 2011


Procrastination – AKA the art of pushing off until ‘a future nebulous tomorrow’ what the Lord is asking you to do today.

When God spoke to Abraham about giving up Ishmael, he got up and did it the very next morning; When God spoke to him about sacrificing Isaac, he arose and got started on the journey the very next morning. Faith in action is doing just what God says to do immediately. The book of Samuel says 'Obedience to God  is better than numerous offerings or sacrifice'

The book of Proverbs says the sluggard whinges - “There’s a Lion in the streets ...” – this is the lazy man/woman’s excuse for not doing what s/he is meant to do at the right time.

There comes a time in a relationship where a guy can lose a girl because he hesitates too much about making that final commitment – before then, he probably doesn’t realise (or takes for granted) that he has the girl’s entire heart and then, one day, (an unknown day that usually comes out of the blue for him), if he hasn’t spoken yet, if he hasn’t made himself vulnerable by laying down his heart, he’s lost her heart just like that – poof!  There comes a time when a woman can lose a man by continually saying no to a relationship either because she’s playing games or she’s too afraid to take the step. Or she’s holding out for the mythical perfect guy who will meet every criteria on her mental wish-list. 

Sometimes we spend so much time searching for perfection, we fail to see the awesome gift God has right in front of us.

Now I am not advocating a rushing into everything or leaping before you look, but after you’ve prayed and either heard from God/or have peace in your heart, don’t let that lazy demon of indecision rob you of the blessings God has for you.  And if God’s already said in His word, then why keep asking Him if it’s the right thing?

Sometimes we put off things out of the fear of failing, the fear of stepping into the unknown, the fear of rejection or just plain old laziness. Procrastination is NEVER faith in action. . It’s soooooo easy to have great ideas/intentions/plans but we usually fall short once it comes to actually implementing them and just getting started.

Now I speak to myself here – it’s taken me 4 days to write this piece despite being prodded to do so a few days ago. I haven’t yet been back to the gym despite knowing I should have begun a couple of weeks ago.

There’s the book I’ve written (finished it years ago); now all that’s left is the final re-write and to take the step of sending it off to publishers – but I find myself putting it off for 2 reasons – the laziness of committing to the 15th (and hopefully final) rewrite and the fear of having my work rejected.  These two things have become such huge mountains that I’ve forgotten that simply getting it written and finished was one huge step and it was only done by the total grace of God.

And so what if I get rejected by a dozen publishers? Try/try/and try again. Pray and jump through every door the Lord opens before me.

So I say to mee, “Whatever that the Lord lays on your heart to do, just get started and trust God that He who began the work in you is faithful to complete it.” xx