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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Monkey and peanut in a bottle .. AKA letting go of what's in your hand to get what you want .. ..

A hungry monkey who liked peanuts came across a bottle with a solitary peanut in it. He immediately pushed his hand in the bottle, picked up the peanut and then clenched his fist to bring the nut safely out of the bottle. Then, to hungry monkey's delight, he saw a previously unseen high stash of peanuts  just ahead. Our monkey immediately sought to bring his clenched fist with the peanut in out of the bottle so he could have both the peanut in the bottle and the stash of nuts. 

However, there was a lil problem - monkey had to unclench his fist to get it out of the bottle but unclenching his fist meant losing the peanut in the bottle. Trapped monkey wanted the stash of nuts right ahead of him but also did not want to lose the peanut in the bottle. So greedy Monkey sits with clenched fist in bottle, holding unto solitary peanut while looking longingly at the huge stash of peanuts.

Moral of the story - 

Often you have to let go of the little you have in your hand to lay your hands upon the greater promise there is right ahead of you.

If you go into a situation relaxed, you only aggravate it by getting tense and trying to hold on. Let go of your tension, release what you are clinging to, and then having become relaxed again, reach out for the huge stash that's right in front of you.

When you find a situation with a tight bottle-neck, do not be quick to thrust your hand right into it because of a tiny lil peanut!! LOL

'Shine your eyes well' and before you 'settle' for that solitary peanut, make sure there is not a stash of peanuts directly ahead of you. : )

If you do not let go of the peanut in the bottle, you don't get to have anything - not the peanut in the bottle or the stash of nuts your eyes can only gaze at longingly.

Sometime, you simply have to let go of what you are desperately hanging unto to get what you really want. 


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Prince Rasak said...

This is tough and solitary lesson to learn....Me like this....