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Monday, 19 September 2011

Death by Bra! Day 1 of 30 day running challenge. Weight Loss continued

Day 1

First run in over 8 months. I was going for a walk when brother asked if I was going for a run. Stuck in my mind and decided to run when I got out of the door. Best run I've ever had. Despite not exercising for weeks, I was able to run more, stop less, walk less than normal. However heart began constricting towards the end but hey, no exercise in 2 weeks & a sudden 2km run? Do you blame the poor thing?  But no kidding, I worried for a few minutes I was having my 1st heart-attack.

Ok, 2 hours later and heart STILL hurting! Now googling ‘heart pain when running’. Google is spitting out dire warnings of; running related asthma, sudden heart problems, running in the cold air but all come with warnings to go see doctor immediately. A bit drastic if you ask me. Why doesn’t anyone say it will pass?

I blame my brother! This must be part of his devious plan to bump me off! LOL

An hour later – heart pain getting more severe. Okay, should I be getting worried? Then a eureka moment! I really am a dozy cow  – I am wearing the wrong bra! Hadn’t changed into my exercise bra while running and while the bra I have on is a great look and fit, it is now constricting my chest. My oxygen deprived lungs have literarily been gasping for liberation! Underwear removed and an immediate miraculous recovery! Phew!

Ten mins later, I think - Damn, chest pain excuse removed – nothing to stop me running again tomorrow. *pout*

Been blogging again & getting lots of views to 'Weight loss continued' post.


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