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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Passion Regained

I wrote the previous piece, 'Passion Lost', back at the beginning of the November but didn't get round to posting it until earlier today. 

All I can say is - life is awesome when passion returns. It is a mega feeling to no longer be in the place that I was. GOD is my greatest passion and when I take my eyes off Him, then things begin to suck big-time. However, when passion and motivation return, things around that weren't working begin to fall into place.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have miraculously had a few more places rented, my bank manager has stopped snarling every time he sees me, *giggle* and I actually found the car I really want at an awesome price - however, I sadly lost out on that so I am still searching.  I even have high hopes the saga of my still-not-yet-finished kitchen will be completed before the end of December. I did not quite get round to watching every James Bond film but caught quite a few, and I have also now just yesterday had my hair coloured. It is still in twists but the new colour gives it a cool new look (I think). I'll give it a few days and then maybe put up a couple of pics of the new look. 

I finally am beginning to get excited about the thought of writing again. I've had the outline of a book dancing and floating about in my head for a while but had not got round to doing more than sketching out the bare outline. And, one of my greatest bug-bears - I actually got round to revisiting the novel I finished yonks ago and I am now 60% through what will hopefully be the final rewrite.

Best of all, I have lost the nasty crappy 15lbs I put on the last few months. Being back to 62kg is a whole lot better than tethering on 69kg! LOL. All I need to do now is to get down to 58kg and I'll be a verryyyyyyy happy camper.

Passion is an awesome thing. Embrace it and don't ever let it go.


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