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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Music, Candles & Brandy ..

Music I've heard today that's kinda stuck. A few are from the soundtracks of TV shows, a couple from the Mall and the others i got reminded of ...

Curled up, listening to the music that's been floating in my head today, cinnamon scented candles burning, green tea laced with brandy (I rarely ever drink but I felt like a nip tonight), is a kinda chilled way to get through insomnia... ;-)

Sarah Mclachlan - Fallen (Cold Case)

Sara Bareilles - Hold My Heart (Body of Proof)

Snow Patrol - Run (Cold Case again)

Gabrielle - Out of Reach (The Mall)

Gabrielle - Rise (The Mall)

The Last of the Mohicans

Gabrielle - Sunshine 

Didn't hear this anywhere today but 'Sunshine' is my fave of her songs and it tis kinda pretty cool.

Hope y'all have a very chilled today... *sleepy smile*


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Greg said...

Nice music posts