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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Robin van Persie Goal scoring Machine - Norwich V Arsenal 1 - 2

Robin van Persie comes through AGAIN. Arsenal's captain, man of the moment, man of the match, team mascot and linchpin has lifted the spirits of his team and the fans.

31 goals is his current tally of this year in the premiership. 31 GOALS? This is despite being injured a lot of the earlier half of the year. Less than half-way through this season, he's already scored 13 goals in the premiership and is its current top goal scorer.

The Gunners attacked right from the start but threw away 3 chances in the first 15mins with Norwich's Morison scoring first from a Meresacker mistake. It wasn't the German defender's best showing. His imposing 6'6 presence is currently striking fear into the Arsenal goalkeeper and NOT the opposing teams as he keeps making mistakes that gift goals. The Canaries held unto that lead for 10 minutes with a solid defensive wall.

However Arsenal continued to attack doggedly and Van Persie scored his first goal from an excellent pass from Walcott who is also having his best Arsenal season to date. Walcott's speed is extremely hard to beat and the Norwich midfield was caught napping.

The first half ended 1-1 and it is a measure of how much Arsenal have changed that the team did not crumble in the 2nd half. The team are no longer the mentally defeated team their fans despaired of at the start of the season. Van Persie put in a 2nd goal with a pass from Song a few minutes into the 2nd half. Norwich fought back hunting for an elusive equaliser and their best chance was in the 66th minute when Pilkington managed to fumble in front of Arsenal's open goal.

After that, it was Arsenal's game with Walcott almost extending the lead in the dying minutes with a shot off the outside of the post. 3 points firmly in the bag, up to 6th in the tables (which we can hang unto if Liverpool lose or draw tomorrow).

Most of the thanks for this should go to Van Persie. My brother (A ?Man U supporter) referred to Van Persie as a goal scoring machine. Extremely apt.

Robin van Persie - you ROCK!!


Tim said...

I HATE Van Persie so much!! I mean I think he's an amazing footballer, one of the best strikers in world football but he ALWAYS scores against my team, Blackburn Rovers!! It's not fair!

I think he's scored 8 goals in 10 or so games against us.

Great victory for Arsenal though, they look very strong again despite a poor start to the season.

Noir said...

LOL! Love your very first sentence! I agree with you he is amazing - it's kinda sad that like Michael Owen, injuries have blighted his career so much.

While it's hurt the team to lose Fabregas/Nasri, it's nice to see that the absence of any oxygen sucking stars has allowed Van Persie to truly shine. He's so modest & self-effacing that his achievements are often overlooked.

Thanks for the great wishes - what's up with Blackburn though? Your season doesn't seem to be going too well? Hopefully this is just a temporary slump and you'll turn the corner by xmas. : )