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Friday, 25 November 2011

Do Turkeys give thanks for thanksgiving?? LOL

I asked a question on Facebook earlier today: "Do turkeys give thanks for thanksgiving??"

Below are a summary of the answers flying back and forth :

"Yup, all the other turkeys gather together the day after thanksgiving to give thanks for surviving another thanksgiving! They keep out a beady eye, looking over their shoulders until the next one."

"I am certain every turkey that escapes alive on Thanksgiving gobbles massively in thanksgiving."

"Turkeys can give thanks but then Xmas comes round."

"Like Paddy Ashdown asked: Do turkeys vote for Xmas?"

"British turkeys are presently sweating under their feathers despite the cold weather. Unedited reports of the great slaughter that befell their American cousins across the pond has reached them. The news has been smuggled out by 2 brave i-turkey reporters reporting for TNN (Turkey News Network)."

"Hmmm, what might a turkey thanksgiving day be like? I see a group of turkeys gathered around, solemnly nodding and gobbling."

"Wonder what turkeys might eat for their thanksgiving dinner?"

"Breaking TNN (Turkey News Network) Report: Surviving turkeys lose their appetites on Turkey Thanksgiving day... after their near-death experience on Human Thanksgiving day."

"Whatcha talking about? Near death experience?? Did they see the bright lights of the Oven?"

"Wonder if the turkeys all flap together in a corner, smoothing down their feathers and trying to look as skinny as possible when the humans come to cull em?" 

"Winner of the Turklitzer prize: The rise of anorexic and bulimia in Turkeyville. Turkeys warned to shun food or throw up after meals. Slim turkeys stay healthier and live longer - they keep their heads!"

"Winner of Turkey ad slogan of the year: Above all, remember Turkeys, FAT KILLS!!" 

"The skinnier the turkey, the greater their chances of surviving Thanksgivings and Xmases, and of being able to attend the Turkeytron Praise-Party!"

"Above all, remember Turkeys, FAT KILLS!!" That must be the best print advert yet to be launched in TurkeyVille... #still-gasping-for-breath# Lol!"

"The skinnier the turkeys..."
"... the longer the life-span & the louder the shouts, oops, gobbles of turkey praise!"

"No wonder...the turkey I had today was pretty fat and juicy. You are right joor, it is survival of the skinniest turkeys!"

"Yup, only fat greedy turkeys get gobbled! Skinny turkeys escape death - hahahahaha."

"Turkeytron Praise-Party! Oh gosh, I see some skinny turkeys jumping up & down in joyous abandon, flapping those wings & breaking out into the new gobble dance!"

The responses above made me crack up. Hope it's made you smile a lil too as you try to digest the mounds of turkey and stuffing consumed earlier today.

Live life to the fullest. Laugh a little. 


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