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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Herman Cain's Gingergate ... Ginger White Alleges 13yr affair

Finally Herman Cain's 9-9-9 pizza of; women, denial and arrogance, appears to have become a splattered mess.

Ginger White, a 46yr old woman has given a press conference and several interviews to allege she and Cain had a 13yr affair. Ginger White doesn't appear crazy, look like a stalker, or sound like she is shaking him down for money. She's shown proof of numerous calls & texts and has hard details of their on-again off-again relationship. Cain's denial increasingly sound extremely hollow.

I am not throwing stones. Sh*t happens. People make mistakes and get into inappropriate relationships - affairs take place. That is reality. I do not think an affair disqualifies him from the presidency. Perfection is not a requirement for political office. A 13yr affair with the same woman speaks of more than just sex or a fling. Being with a woman for 13 years even in an on-again off-again relationship sounds like something where there was at least a measure of affection on both sides. According to Ginger White, the relationship finally ended when Cain decided to run for the presidency. In other words, he only 'threw her under the bus' for his presidency ambitions. I speculate that if he had not been running for the presidency, the relationship would probably still have continued. Humans are complex - Cain sounds like a man caught between his wife and his mistress - caring for both while doing his best to keep both parts of his life separate. While the morality police will have a lot to say about this, I simply say - 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone'. Cain's relationship with Ginger is strictly a matter between Cain and his wife.

However, it is Cain's continued denial that is a matter for concern re his political aspirations. It makes it a lot more likely that the 4 women who accused him of sexually harassing them were speaking the truth. Cain appears to have a disconnect with owning up to the truth even when he has his hand caught in the cookie jar. Look, most people can understand why a married person might initially denying having an affair if caught. However, it is one thing to first deny it to one's spouse before crumbling and telling the truth, and a totally different thing to look 300 million American people in the eye and to keep denying denying denying. It is even more tacky to find he is blaming his political opponents and calling it 'gutter politics'.

Cain can still turn this around. He needs to throw himself on the mercy of the American voting public. They need to see him humble and repentant. An interview where Cain confesses he did wrong, has had issues, wants to apologise for all the hurt he has caused, and he has apologised to and made up with his wife, might just help him get past this. However, his play-book of denying it all, is no longer working. Soon he'll become a laughing stock and be known as a liar.

However, it needs to be stated all these accusations are only allegations thus far. If Cain is innocent, he should also schedule an interview, forcefully tell the American voters all these stories are lies, produce as much evidence as possible to back up his truth and challenge the 5 women making the different allegations to produce hard evidence. His lack of a forceful defence while telling the press to go away, just smacks of total arrogance and a disconnect from reality.

This is NOT a black thing. If Cain's opponents are behind leaking the stories, they would have done the exact same thing if he was a white politician. Anyone running for political office has to know their personal life becomes fair game. The only way to defuse a story of this nature is to get in front of it and to tell the truth. Voters forgive personal-life mistakes - they find it much more difficult to forgive politicians who lie to them and refuse to admit the truth.

Sadly Cain's arrogance does not seem to have any room for humility. It is humility that allows us to admit that we have done wrong. Humility apologises and takes responsibility - however arrogance denies the truth and blames everyone else.

Saving Herman Cain's historic run as GOP presidential candidate is now firmly in Cain's hands. It will be interesting to see what he does next.


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