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Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's not over till the Fat lady sings - Arsenal's 400th Premier League win.

After a few loud throat-clearing threats to burst into song early on in the season, the fat lady has fallen remarkably silent re Arsenal's 'demise'.

Arsenal's start to the season was dire and painful, but over the last 11 games, their record is 1 draw, 4 losses and 6 wins. After winning their last 4 games in the Premier League, it can be argued that the Gunners have turned the corner. The new team hastily cobbled together in August (a response to the nightmare of the 8 - 2 loss) is finally gelling. While the defence remains porous and patchy, the goalkeepers this season are the best the Gunner have had in years and the mid-field is fine and getting stronger. However the striker Robin van Persie, is hot and on fire. The mega-talented striker has become the mascot and good luck charm of the team. Whilst modest and unassuming, he does what a good captain should; imbues his team with confidence and inspires them to play with a greater intensity. When Van Persie comes unto the field, a new 'va va voom' infuses the team. While the magic of Fabregas and the nimble footwork of Nasri are a loss, Van Persie has stepped into their shoes and is comfortably filling the gaping hole they left behind.

Today Arsenal beat West Brom 3 - 0 and recorded their 400th Premier League win. For those who sneer that Van Persie is Arsenal's only goal scorer and without him the team would be lost, today's match shows that other Arsenal players are finally stepping up and showing they too can put goals past their opponents - of today's 3 goals, only 1 was scored by RVP.

The team is still in 7th place but we now have the same points as 6th place Liverpool (who have a 2 goal difference advantage) and 5th place Spurs (who have 2 games in hand). It is a remarkable turn-around for a team that a few weeks ago were 17th. I still remember many prophesying Arsenal would slide down into relegation.

Congratulations to the Gunners on their 400th Premier League win AND to Robin van Persie, Premier League player of the month for October AND the current top goal scorer in the league.

Well done the Arsenal!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...una go still fight relegation lol. Only joking, well done Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

Submitted by dayo

Noir said...

LOL Dayo! I see the bad bele is alive and well! Thanks bro for the good wishes : )