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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cain's Libya Fiasco - watch the disastrous video interview.

Aas many readers might know, I have previously written a  blog postcard about Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations problem. Whilst I believe he has handled that very badly, and I also think his 9-9-9 economic plan is a targeted assault against the middle-class, poor and vulnerable, I have always thought that as a very successful business man, he would be mega-smart, on the ball, and able to pick up new things quickly.

Now, I don't know if Cain froze with the cameras on him, or his handlers just sent him off into this interview ill-prepared. This video is almost painful to watch. At first he doesn't seem to know where Libya is or what President Obama's role has been, and then it goes downhill from there. Please watch the video posted below yourself.

What can one say about the current crop of Republican candidates? Bachmann is a crackpot, Ron Paul is eccentric, Cain is becoming more of an embarrassment by the day, Perry is ill-prepared, Santorum (huh? who?). The intelligent thoughtful candidates, Huntsman and Romney, are not liked by the Republican party. Gringich is also intelligent but carries an enormous amount of baggage. It is almost enough for one to want Sarah Palin to run!

President Obama might have had a difficult 3 years in office, but one thing is clear - if he wins the elections in 2012, the Republican party will have lost the election because it has allowed its soul to be bought and owned by the Tea Party. The Tea Party's agenda of slash & burn, take no prisoners, no compromise, do not work with the other side under ANY circumstances, is destroying a Grand Old Party that was once known for thoughtful intellectual ideas. True conservatism is not despise the poor and make the rich richer.

The Tea Party's agenda is also destroying the USA. Poll after poll shows that majority of Americans favour spending cuts AND also raising tax on corporations and the wealthy. Any sensible person knows if a country cuts spending but does not increase revenue, it is harder for a country to grow than if  a government cuts spending but also finds way to increase revenue. The so-called job creators (the corporations) are not creating jobs or wealth in America but are shipping American jobs overseas. American Corporations are job creators all right - in CHINA and INDIA & for Chinese and Indian workers!

No political party should ever allow itself to be hijacked by a small radical wing.

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