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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lady sings the Praise! :-)

10 months ago, I wrote my 3rd blog entry 'Lady sings the Blues' and asked - "Is it ok to have a self-pity-woe-is-me-day?" (

When I wrote the postcard, I had just ended a 7 month relationship. Bringing things to an end was 'totally' the right decision, but whilst not regretting the break-up, I hate/d failing. Reflecting upon it spawned the blog, as I began dwelling upon other 'failings' in my life at the time.

However, as I re-read the original entry today, I am blown away by how much GOD turns our lives around, answers our spoken and unspoken requests, and all HE asks if that we are patient. I am stunned to see how much of a change there's been in my life the last 10 months.

My weight no longer sucks - it might not have dropped yet to where I want it to be but it doesn't suck - LOL. My Christian life is an ever-continuing journey of faith. My house is still untidy but that's because I am finally having renovations done. The de-cluttering has begun. That new kitchen I desperately needed because the old one was falling apart? Well I was resigned to not being able to afford my dream for a very long time. Guess what? I still don't have a clue as to how GOD's stretching my finances to pay for it, but the builders are working on the new kitchen even as I type. I still want/need my bedroom revamped but that's also in the pipe-line. Compared to previous years, work has been a breeze. My finances are okay.

Best of all, I have been given a bonus. I've wanted a study for years but there's never been the space to create one without without sacrificing a bedroom (or so I thought). However, getting created out of what's always seemed like unusable space, (a tiny cloakroom & tiny laundry), I finally will be getting a study/occasional guest-room. A new kitchen AND a new study? Mee is absolutely & totally chuffed! Did I also mention the horrible grey carpets I have hated with a passion for years are being ripped up and REAL wood floors are getting laid all through the house? Yahyyyyyyyyy!!!!

A paragraph I wrote 10 months ago jumps out at me - "sometimes the enemy of our souls, our mood, thoughts, circumstances, emotions, can take our eyes off the truth. God loves us and every single part of our lives is crafted into a perfect plan by the greatest master planner." Every part of my life? Every part? Wow! My triumphs, my failures, my screw-ups, the things that seemingly go well, and those that seemingly go badly, the things I have and the things I don't have (yet) - every single part of my live is crafted into HIS perfect plan for me. GOD doesn't get surprised by my missteps and have to re-adjust HIS plans. When we try to explain/fathom GOD with our human minds, we rapidly develop headaches. Someone said once, a man trying to fully comprehend the magnitude of GOD is like an ant trying to fully comprehend the fullness of the human experience.

10 months ago, I was throwing myself a massive pity-party. Today I am throwing my majestic, ultimate-planner, heavenly Father a massive praise party. GOD is awesome.

Okay, for those of you who have taken the time to read/re-read the original entry, (, you can go ahead and ask about the one thing I complained about in the 'postcard' that I haven't addressed yet. The love-life.

Yeah, my love-life still SUCKS! LOL

But looking at all I've written above, I can say, I know GOD has that in the works too! ;-)


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