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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Man U 1 - 6 Man C. Arsenal 3 - 1 Stoke. Football, the beautiful game!!!

A few weeks ago, Arsenal, my team, was annihilated by Manchester United. It was a painful day for Arsenal fans; the joke I'll 8 - 2 be an Arsenal fan was bandied everywhere. (8 - 2 was the final score). We could hardly lift up our pain-filled heads, so sunk were we in shame and disgrace.

So forgive me if a little smile crossed my face (ok, it was a HUGE smile) when Man U was WALLOPED 1 - 6 by Man City earlier today. Forgive me for smiling but Man, I know just how devastated U fans are feeling right now.

Of course the day was given an extra gloss by Arsenal beating Stoke 3 - 1 and moving up to 7th in the tables.

Hmmmm, I wonder if many Man U fans are saying right now - iSi(c)k. Ok, that's a poor 1 - 6 joke but you 'catch my drift'.

Last I heard, Chelsea is down 0 -1 to QPR and have had 2 men sent off. Who knows, today might just get even better! LOL



Olumide Hassan said...

Oh well. Things can only get better...

Noir said...

Yup and you guys are Man U. I really feel sorry for the next team you play. Fergie doesn't take prisoners! x