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Saturday, 29 October 2011

3 - 5 - we're still ALIVE! Chelsea V Arsenal!! GUNNERS!

Guess the title says it all . Arsenal beat Chelsea at HOME 5 - 3. Robin van Persie scored a neat hat-trick. It's a brilliant thrilling match with loads of goals and errors but sheer class through out.

The Gunners are still wobbly defensively but this should help answer the critics who said we were finished without Fabregas and Nasri. In their minds, we had already been relegated. Fans began calling for Mr Wenger's head or at the very least his resignation. However, the same critics said we were finished when Henri left, before Fabregas became the new hero. As for Nasri? Well, he is a totally brilliant player - but who realised that before Wenger got hold of him and nurtured/built him into a mega-talent?

Say what you want about Wenger and Mr Ferguson but they are both fantastic at getting good players and turning them into WORLD-CLASS talent. When Fabregas and Nasri left, I knew someone would step up to the plate. Spotting, nurturing, developing talent - that's what Mr Wenger does best.

It is awesome to finally see RVP get his moment in the sun. He is so modest it is easy to overlook him. He's always been an excellent player overshadowed by injuries and that innate modesty.

Most Arsenal fans would have been ecstatic with a draw today. Our true fear was we would be thumped badly by Chelsea as they sought to avenge their last week loss to QPR. Not many could have foreseen such an emphatic victory by Arsenal.

The Gunners are still alive. Keep playing with your hearts guys. Nice to see the new team gelling together slowly but surely. Remember, true gunners love ya through thick and thin.


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