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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Insomnia .. the 'artistry' of no-sleep

Insomnia is nothing like sleepless in Seattle ..
There’s no cute kid trying to bring together two lonely sleepless hearts ..
No long conversations East Coast to West Coast ..
No perky blondes or handsome widowers.

Insomnia is a lot more interesting –
It is channel surfing,
book flipping,
bible reading,
prayer thrown in,
tossing & turning in a too-big bed.
Water drinking,
bb messaging ..
phone web surfing ..
loo hopping (see water drinking)
mind scenario jumping (hopping)
but no matter what u do
no eyelid dropping (drooping) ..

Insomnia is advice begetting ..
Concerned friend remedies ..
Scoldings & tongue-lashings ..
Sympathy & patronising if-you-only-do-this talking:
Down this drink, pop this herbal remedy,
Walk 5 miles, exercise into exhaustion – (phew!)
Your friends think its all in your mind ..
It is mind over matter.

Who has been a sentinel through the endless hours of the night 
& watched the skies turn from pitch black to the soft haze of dawn,
And then bright light?
Who has sat & hand-held & shoulder-given & gentle hug understood ..
Who has walked in the shoes of 8 hrs of seeking elusive sleep ..
Until finally the seeker stops seeking & becomes accepting ..

Insomnia is talent ..
Is hours of writing without stopping ..
Is ideas flooding ..
Is 'genius' unfolding..

Insomnia is ...

© 2010 Noir


Ejiro Okagbare said...

Insomniacs rock!

Noir said...

Yahhhhhhyyyyy, it didn't gobble your comment this time!

And yes, we sure do! xx