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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lady sings the Blues

Is it ok to have a self-pity-woe-is-me-day? 

My weight sucks. My love-life sucks. My Christian life sucks. My house is untidy and needs de-cluttering like yesterday. I need a new kitchen. A new bedroom that feels like a sanctuary. My job is stressful. My finances suck.

Please don’t tell me to feel better. Don’t say the Lord is in control. Don’t ask me to count my blessings and stop complaining.. Just for one minute, be a friend and say “Pele – i feel you. I’ve been there. Hold on, you’ll get through this. God is in control.” See the difference? One response feels glib and patronising and ‘what’s wrong with you ungrateful so and so’. The other response feels like a friend.

“Why are you cast down o my soul? Yet hope in the Lord, He is your strength and salvation.” “Godliness and contentment are great gain.”

Sometimes the Enemy of our souls, our mood, thoughts, circumstances, emotions, can take our eyes off the truth. God loves us and every single part of our lives is crafted into a perfect plan by the greatest master planner. When we get despondent, it’s easy to forget everything the Lord is doing in our lives, to stop seeing all our blessings and to get fixated on what we consider areas of failure.  

So in my blue funk, I had forgotten that I have lost 4lbs in the last week, that Jesus loves me even when I am at my most unlovable, my house just needs some re-organisation and elbow grease, my kitchen and bedroom can’t get done yet but God’s given me a nice warm comfortable house, I have a job I totally love (stresses and all) & I still get to pay my bills and mortgages every month...

And yeah my love-life still sucks!!! LOL

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