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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Time to confess – I have never understood what the fuss about chocolate is all about. Chocs are okay but nothing special (give me a slice of Jamo bread anyday!)  

For moi, decent chocs have to be solid milk chocolate with only hard nuts allowed as a filling, or alternatively a white chocolate bar. You can keep your soft centres, your caramel, your fruit, your nougats and all the other assorted yucky fillings with which chocolate makers ruin the taste of a nice solid chocolate.

But my taste in guys is very different – I like em to have soft centres. A guy should be solid through and through but with a Christ-driven centre; tough but gentle, strong but caring, determined but not stubborn, a leader but not a tyrant, kind but not a weakling, self-assured but not arrogant, ambitious but not prepared to stomp over everyone to get to where he wants, hardworking but not a workaholic; and above all a man strong enough not to be threatened because a woman is intelligent or/and feisty. 

So no - ‘hard nuts’ looking for a woman to crack, or fruit loops with unstable mood swings, or guys given to physically violent temper outbursts or those who regularly employ the use of harsh, searing, flesh-stripping, soul-destroying words.

I do have an equal ops thing – black, white, yellow, green, red, purple, tall, short, well built, skinny, long hair, bald, locs, it really is what’s inside that’s attractive. A strong character, a great sense of humour, intelligence, a fierce love for God, solid faith, a gentle heart – if a guy has that, who cares whether he is 5’5 or 6’5? 



Olumide Hassan said...

I'm not commenting about the guy part lol. But we are in agreement about chocolate. Never understood the fuss, not the biggest fan (Although I really used to enjoy your double layer chocolate cake!)

Any anything with "goo" just that. Goo. A nutty chocolate is always great. Like the Cadbury's bar whose-name-I-cannot-remember-now. Twix is also nice because of the biscuit like inside. And white solid chocolate. Yeah!

Noir said...

LOL. I must say that I have been really lucky with the guys I've dated (and also blessed to have 3 amazing brothers). All gentlemen and great guys. However I've listened to horror stories from other gals & feel really blessed. Most guys in my opinion are pretty amazing - so a big shout-out to the guys with soft chocolate centres xx