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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nkosi Sikeleli Africa (God Bless Africa)

I've been thinking about Africa today - the whole continent and not just the part I come from. There is so much that is beautiful about the continent and I'll forever be grateful that I lived part of my life in one of her countries. I miss the sunshine, the people, the sense of family, of deep roots, the optimism and resilience deep in the hearts of her people. However there is also so much that is wrong; corrupt governments that do not care about their people, elected & unelected officials looting and pillaging so millions are plunged into poverty and despair. 

I decided to go hunt up on You tube the song that was the anthem of the South African 'black struggle' back in the days of Apartheid. Once I saw the translation of the words of 'Nkosi Sikeleli Africa', I knew this is the prayer in my heart for my amazing continent.  

Nkosi Sikeleli Africa (God Bless Africa) 
Lord, bless Africa;

May her horn rise high up;
Hear Thou our prayers And bless us.

Descend, O Spirit,
Descend, O Holy Spirit.

Bless our chiefs
May they remember their Creator.
Fear Him and revere Him,
That He may bless them.

Bless the public men,
Bless also the youth
That they may carry the land with patience
and that Thou mayst bless them.

Bless the wives
And also all young women;
Lift up all the young girls
And bless them.

Bless the ministers
of all the churches of this land;
Endue them with Thy Spirit 
And bless them. 

Bless agriculture and stock raising
Banish all famine and diseases;
Fill the land with good health
And bless it.
Bless our efforts
of union and self-uplift,
Of education and mutual understanding
And bless them.

Lord, bless Africa
Blot out all its wickedness
And its transgressions and sins,
And bless it. 

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