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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Soar like a Butterfly ... Life is beautiful

Sometimes you have to be smart enough to hold on, and at other times brave enough to let go. Have the tenacity to stick like glue but always retain the courage to walk away.

Open your hand, so you don't crush your dreams.  Dreams can be as beautiful & as fragile as a butterfly's wings. Cradle your dreams lightly and gently in your hands, don’t be as careless & heedless as a child who destroys the beautiful fluttering butterfly in the frenzied attempt to grab it.

If you've let your dreams grow wings, then give them the freedom to soar, to experience life. Lay down all that's dear to you and have the courage to raise the knife. GOD will provide a replacement Ram.

Grow, stretch, develop, challenge yourself. Let yesterday be a building block for today. Let today be a stronger foundation for tomorrow.

Life is a series of options and choices - some good, some bad, some brilliant, some dismal.  Some will turn out well, others extremely badly. But every choice, every decision made, every option taken, every avenue explored, creates the huge canvas that is our individual story. Your canvas is made up of many colours; some restful, others jarring, some muted, others vibrant. But in the paintbrush of the talented Master Artist, the busy but restful, bright while dark, colourful yet soothing, painting on your canvas becomes a unique one-off. A timeless priceless masterpiece.

Soar like your butterfly. Life is truly beautiful... 


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