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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Porridge at 04.30 am ...

When you find yourself eating calorie-laden comfort food at 04.30 am, tis time to acknowledge it isn't the greatest day! LOL

So why am I tucking into a bowl of organic oats, topped off with a jugful of evaporated milk, sugar, brazil nuts, adding up to a gazzilion calories at a time when dawn is just breaking? Why did I leave home at 4am, head out to my 24hr superstore to buy all the ingredients and then get home to cook em?

The evening was not meant to go this way. I should have been on a smoking hot date in the West End and probably just be getting back in now. I found the perfect lil black dress, demure and sexy (a good dress can be both), the killer shoes and the bling jewellery to set it off. Now my hair is in its lovely new world of twists, all it would've needed was a quick wash/condition/run hands through it/colourful flower to set it off. Cute guy too - but guess who pulled out?Yup, me. Long story, many reasons, I pulled out but might re-schedule (maybe). I decided the 'suitcases' I have on my mind would have made me pretty poor company.

So what did I do instead? I spent time killing time. Cleaned out the fridge. Tidied the hallway. Cleaned out the bathroom drain (hot water and bleach are the key there). Read a lil, caught up on the news, read a lil more, thought a lil more, read a lil more to stop thinking, realised sleep was not forth-coming. Read 'The Times' cover-to-cover. Began reading 2 books simultaneously. And then I began thinking about porridge.

I haven't eaten porridge in months. I like the stuff but the way I like it is soooooooo unhealthy, I skip it most of the time. But this time, my mind fixated on it. Luscious oats. If I wallowed in a luxurious bowl of organic oats, surely I would get some sleep? Thus my thinking went at 3am while I was struggling to sleep. One hour of tossing and turning, and I gave up the fight. 

Sooooooooo, that's the story of how I came to be getting my oats fix.

Have the oats made me sleepy? Kinda done their job I guess as it's 06:15 and I think I'll get more than the 2hrs sleep I've been getting lately. 

Has it dealt with all the stuff on my mind? Nope - but then again, comfort food doesn't solve any issues - just packs on a few inches around waistline.

Sometimes I wonder at me? I shovelled a gazzilion calories down me when date night dress and the additional lil cobalt dress I couldn't resist were both a UK size 10? (American 6 or 8)? Am I trying to sabotage my own waistline? Talking of clothes, I also have my eye on a cream lace above the knee dress (now, I just need it to go on sale!! LOL). Saw it and began thinking - team it with brown or purple boots, a leather jacket, large bag and I'll have the cutest outfit. Ahhh, so, my mind's now dwelling on clothes?? Awesome!! Better clothes than food anyday. And better clothes than all that serious stuff that's been crowding up my thought space. 

Groan!!! Ahhhhhh well, I guess the Women's fitness book 'Guide to Body Toning' that I just bought is going to come in very useful. I refuse to let 'loadsa stuff on the mind' take me back down the fat road. *shudder

Ahhhhh, the joys of porridge at 04:30 am!! Next time, it will be loads smarter to try some celery instead!! *giggle*



luv_lyfe93 said...

love! <3 very down to earth

Noir said...

Awwww, thanks loads .. :-)

DesperateNaijaWoman said...

Fun to read blogpost. Love that. My 'unholy hour' go to these days is toasted cheesy egg sandwich with both slices lavishly buttered on both sides. Decadently comforting.

Noir said...

Kai DNW, now you want to add to my list of 'I can't resist eme' foods?? My eyes are glazing over at the thought of that sandwich *i-am-an-unabashed_bread_lover* LOL!!!

Thanks for your mega kind words. Lovely to 'see' you again... xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that peek into your world - nice one! When's the book coming out?

Noir said...

Anonymous ... LOL .. thank-you for your kind words ... The book?? That's still being re-written .. :-)