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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

15lbs to go... My Weight-loss journey continued...

Up until 2 weeks ago, the previous 6 - 8 weeks had been a disaster weight-loss wise. Not only was I stuck on a plateau and not losing anything, but work, ill health, stress and no exercise and eating like tomorrow was going to bring a famine meant that my scales climbed upwards rapidly!! LOL. Thankfully, the madness passed and I came to my senses before too much damage was done. Even more mega-thankfully, the last two weeks have helped deal with the ravages of the pounds put on during my crazy indulgent season! I am wayyyyyy too embarrassed to even discuss how much weight I put on during them crazy days - let's just say that during that time, my jeans began protesting when I tried to button em up! LOL. Annnnyyyyyway, the last 2 weeks of very carefully watching what I eat, and walking 3 miles everyday, have shifted all those nasty temporary pounds and inches. And those aforementioned jeans? Welllll, they still don't fit - but only because they are now loose... yahhhhhyyyyyy!

Okay, soooooo, now I am back on track. I finally have only 15lbs (7kg) to go. Gosh, I gotta pause and hug my laptop, embrace and gaze in wonder at those numbers. Yup yup, I know that's still a fair bit but as I started out on this weight-loss journey needing to lose over 90lbs (41kg), please allow me to dance a jig of pure delight.

Okay, so for those who ask me for numbers, I have listed my weight and measurements as of today and then shown my previous starting weight and measurements back in 2010. Starting weight/measurements are in brackets

I began this seemingly never ending journey at the end of October 2010. Today, I weight 62kg (used to be 96kg). When I began this, I measured myself everywhere so here goes: Bust 36 inches (used to be 44inches), Waist 27.5 (was 38), Hips 34 (was 42), stomach 32 (was 42), Thighs 21 (was 28), Arms 15.5 (was 12.5). So, that's 34kg and many inches lost. Dress size is now a size 10 UK (I used to be size 20UK). While being 5'2 (and not having a skinny frame) means I'll never ever be tiny, I am still a happy camper who is mega grateful to GOD. 

I do still want to whittle off about 2 inches off most of those measurements and I really really really really want to be 55kg. However, I am not greedy - I'll settle for 57kg/58kg. *giggle*

When I say I measure(d) everywhere, I really do mean everywhere; wrists, knees, calves, ankles, neck etc but I won't bore you with every pesky lil detail. It might sound mega-weird but taking all over measurements really did help me because every inch lost gave new encouragement. Sometimes when those 'nasty' scales refuse to budge, an inch lost somewhere can help prevent discouragement. Tis nice to be able to wear normal medium ring sizes but I was shocked to find I have also lost weight off my feet! As a teen, I was a 5.5 UK shoe size, then shoe size increased to 6UK after having a kid and putting on weight. But over the last few months, my old shoes no longer fit. I am now a 5 UK shoe size. Yup, I dropped a shoe size.

I still want to lose more inches. My stomach, waist, arms and thighs still make me unhappy, with my stomach being my biggest bane. Childbirth and the weight lost mean I'll always have crappy stretch marks, cellulite is a friend that refuses to say good bye, and weight loss does not mean my previous fat self has simply bounced into toned muscle (I wish). LOL

However, once the weight is all off, my next goal will be a 6weeks - 3 months fairly intensive exercise programme. I hear someone ask - why not do both at the same time? Well, I've found out that when it's come to losing weight, I find it easiest to concentrate upon one area at a time. Not saying that's the way everyone should do it, or that it's the best thing, but I have a lot going on with me and I found out that trying to combine healthy eating, losing weight, and intensive exercise, was doing my head in, making this whole thing a not-fun experience, and had the potential to get me discouraged (And what does this carb-lover do when discouraged?? Yup yup, have an extra plate of rice!! LOL). So I stopped stressing me and began doing only what works for me.

Now, let's talk exercise (one of my least favourite things). Sooooo, last weekend, I was on a real bicycle for the first time since I was 11yrs old; despite wobbling precariously, almost falling numerous times and my sheer inability to cycle continuously for more than 1 minute before having to brake to stop myself running into cars/people/lampposts/lil kids (lol), I really did have fun. I am seriously thinking of getting myself a bike. Oh, btw, I refuse to blame my total incompetence on my extremely poor cycling skills, BUT on the fact that Boris Bikes (the bikes for hire one can pick up from a number of London stations), are NOT designed for my 5'2 self. The seat height even at its lowest is still too high. Hmmmm, maybe I should begin a campaign against this discrimination against my vertically-challenged self... *giggle* Or is this a poor workman blaming her tools??? *wink*

Ah well, back to talking boring exercise! Over the last couple of years, I have exercised mainly by walking, a tiny bit of running/jogging and a few sessions in the gym. While I really would like to do the intense 'boot-camp' type experience, I don't think the gym is my thing on a long-term basis. I find myself more willing to commit to walking 3 - 5 miles 4 or 5 times a week. Maybe I could combine that with a spin class once a week or a box-exercise class or the afore-said cycling - above all, what I want is long-term maintenance and not just short-term zeal.
But first, there are still those 15lbs to go. *sigh*

Ok, so I am still not where I wanna be but I inch a lil closer every day. Thank-You LORD.


A few peeps have asked for pics - thing is during my fat days, I hardly took any pics and hid/deleted most of the ones I came across (really and truly). I have however been taking loads of pics over the last couple of years primarily to visually document this journey for myself.  So, I'll collate some of those pics, scan any old fat pics I can find and then do an album with dates from then to now and put that up on FB one of these days. xx


MissHaneefa said...

Congratulations on all your suceess! I would love to see pics of your progress. I hear you about losing weight in your feet, in some shoes I wear a shoe size less also.

Noir said...

Thanks loads Miss Haneefa. You are way too kind. I'll try to put the pics together - just got loadsa work at the moment and also feeling pretty lazy *giggle* ... Re, the shoes that is sooooo cool! I get a real kick out of smaller shoes and also being able to wear loads of pretty sparkly rings ... x