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Friday, 26 October 2012


We all wear masks (sometimes). 

We wear different masks with different people, and at different times to hide or camouflage the parts of ourselves we believe are inadequate or ugly. Sometimes mask-wearing is a defence mechanism, sometimes it is a social mechanism. Some masks have become such a part of us, we are no longer even aware when that particular mask is donned or what our 'true face' looks like.

Some of us wear masks of happiness while being desperately unhappy or miserable; we wear masks of courage while being deathly afraid; don masks of outgoing vibrancy while being painfully shy; sometimes masks of pride to hide the chip on the shoulder; some yank on masks of niceness to hide the nastiness lurking beneath. 

Stroll through that mental mask boutique that has set up store in your mind, and you'll see there are a 1001 different masks, all waiting to be chosen and donned for the right occasion, for anyone who chooses to hide their real self behind em.

However, what is truly sad is when we still continue to hide behind our masks with those we love. We are terrified that if they see how ugly and flawed we are (or we think we are), they'll stop loving us or respecting us. However, the truth that fear stops us recognising, is that those who really love us, see us exactly as we are but have chosen to love us all the same. It is only when we finally screw up enough courage to drop all the mask(s) in their presence, that we will really begin to see ourselves & learn to work on our flaws. Looking at ourselves through eyes of love helps us see the true beauty we possess that we need to embrace.

Mask-wearing is a choice. It is up to us to begin to discard the masks and see our true selves.

Drop your mask(s) today.


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