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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Occupy Nigeria - Can Nigerians say No to Corruption?

Over the last few days, information has been leaked of at least N21BILLION Naira of assets allegedly 'owned' by Nigeria's Attorney General - this figure doesn't include his vast Abuja Real Estate Portfolio, stable of 30 luxury cars and as yet undiscovered overseas assets. If the allegations and stories are true, (and the Newspaper has provided documentaion showing a paper trail leading back to the AG), it is clear that majority of the N21 Billion was probably looted from WE the Nigerian people. If the AG, an important member of GEJ's cabinet is actually guilty of this alleged corruption, how many of the others members of GEJ's government have equally sticky fingers? How do we trust that GEJ himself has clean dry hands?

I do NOT care if you are a GEJ supporter or not. I do NOT care if you think Boko Haram is the chief problem facing Nigeria or not. I do NOT care If you are Ijaw, Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa, Efik, Nupe. I do NOT care if you are Christian, Muslim, Atheist or a Sango Worshipper. I do NOT care if you support the Fuel Subsidy or Not. I do NOT care if you believe every word GEJ has spoken or not. I do NOT care if you naively believe that the Fuel Subsidy money will be spent on Nigeria, or if you cynically believe it will all be shared among 'awon boyz'. I do NOT care if you believe Ngozi Okonze-Iweala is the greatest thing since sliced bread or you believe she is the greatest disaster to befall Nigeria. I do NOT care if you believe GEJ spends his entire feeding allowance of £27,000 per day solely on Cassava Bread or if you wonder how anyone can budget £27,000 daily to feed himself and family while millions of Nigerians live on less that £1 daily. I do NOT care if you believe people of faith should not protest OR if you believe people of faith should be the first protesting.

At what point do we lay aside our differences and REALISE that this evil unbridled corruption by greedy leaders is destroying our society and economy. This Government, and the majority of the Governments we have had over the last 51 years, (with only 1 or 2 exceptions), have LOOTED us into bankruptcy and made us a country with the word 'diaspora' in our lexicon. Our best and brightest are FORCED to flee to the West, the Middle East, India, South-East Asia, China, Ghana, South Africa etc to get an education or earn a living. We are losing a generation of talent that should be building Nigeria. The words 419-Nigerian-Fraudsters have become known synoymously linked and known all over the World. Our youth are becoming cynical and apathetic, without morals or values as they watch their parents worship at the shrine of the Almighty Sterling, US Dollar, NAIRA etc

When will we stop squabbling over what are quite frankly mainly non-important issues, REMOVE the blinkers of tribalism, disunity and religious differences blinding us, stop this evil of I-support-someone-because-he-is-my-countryman OR I-cannot-support-a-politician-with-a-different-religious-faith? When will we actually ALL grow up and say AND say - 'This cannot go on any longer?'


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