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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Anatomy of a break-up

I miss you ..

Where did we lose it along the way?
When did we stop good night hugs?
Why did we let go of good night kisses?
How did work, stress, life come between us?
When did tempers get frayed? And words get heated
& stubbornness get entrenched?
Why & how did we stop putting each other first?
How could we have stopped laughing? & joking & teasing?
When did ‘I care for you’ – become – ‘I want my own way’?
When did ‘I love you’ – become – ‘I need you to obey me’?
When did soft gentle words become replaced by me, myself & i?
When did hardness become a substitute for tenderness?
Why did we let go?

We could have had world enough & time enough & love enough
To make a go of it – but we let it slip away in a whirlstorm of
Sulks & hurt feelings & self-pity ..

How could the voice that uttered ‘baby’ so tenderly become the noisome
screech of a fish-wife ..
How could the wonder of belonging became the hard toll of ownership?
When did ‘I belong to you’ become ‘You are my possession’?

The wonder of love cast beneath the stormy waves
Trying to reach out became an exercise in pushing away ..
We both let go.
We both messed up.
We didn’t pray, didn’t fast, didn’t involve God.
Instead self, ego, pride were allowed to reign unchecked and take centre stage.
Both of us to blame.
Our relationship,
Perhaps a gift ..
A gentle flower to nurture ..
was trampled carelessly under heavy boots ..
crushed beneath the weight of painful words ..
‘I am sorry’ became the hardest 3 little words.

I miss you ..

I only miss the ‘us’ we once had ..

© 2010 Noir  

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