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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jewels of the night

'pon different times
times shared .. times past
times hoped for .. times gone by

in the dark still quiet that speaks night
thoughts hum
chatter loudly
weave a subtle dreamy spell ..

different thoughts
vie for pre-eminence
trip upon each other
in a mad dash to rush to the fore …

tis thoughts y’see
not words
tis thoughts .. in a meetin of two minds
that is the greatest thing shared

so in the cool still velvety night
all is quiet ..
no words intrude to rudely shatter
the peaceful
harmony of self ..
thoughts are laid out
examined like jewels
probed for answers
turned upside-down .. inside-out

and finally - there it is
all laid out
bare n free ..
truth is reached .. is touched .. is won
tis all in the thoughts you see
all there
waitin .. longin to be set free

thoughts of ..
you and me ..

1 comment:

Noir said...

Wrote this ages ago. Came across it again today & it still spoke to me. Hope it speaks to y'all too .. xx